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Nicky Hilton

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[09 Jan 2003|02:43am]
[ mood | confused ]

Dont call me a bitch if you read this...
Peter & me...
We are together. What can I say?
I luv it,
but I dont like it...
There are some parts of the relationship that makes me want to jump into my benz & drive away, running down every man, woman, & child in my way...
Lord, that sounds soo cold. *pleading face* but im not!

I havent been in one of these, these things that people can relationships so you will have to bear with me
The thing I am having trouble with is the sickeningly sweet things the couples say to each other I hope we do work out,I would hate for us to end.I care about you and I thank you for being so caring to me.I hope we can see each other this weekend

Peter, if you are reading this, Im sorry sweetie.
I do love you... But this is my first real relationship, & that is going some place where I have never been before...
Being in love, its like being in a parallel universe for me, but I do love you...

*Sigh* i hate myself for not being able to lay my emotions down in words
*chugs some brandy*

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[08 Jan 2003|07:46am]
[ mood | In Ecstasy ]

*Dances around the room*
*sings* Guess whos back, back again, Nick is back, tell a friend
Am sooo cheesy,
but am delighted!

Nicks back!!!!!
*screams & faints*

*kisses nick*

Hmm... *whispers* I think Im still high

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[08 Jan 2003|07:40am]
[ mood | high ]

Am Ghetto Stylen'

Well mah gurl Renee & her brother Felice took me out tonite.
We met up with couple o' brothazz.

Some ol' story,
'Cept this time we didnt get drunk...
We got high!
*sings* Cuz I got high, cuz I got high, cuz I got hiiigh!
La,la, la, la, la, la

*hears knock on the door*
Coming!!!! *stumbles to the door. opens it*
*lets out a high pitched scream* ITS NICK!!!!!!!
*hugs him hard & kisses him* I LUV YA!

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[06 Jan 2003|07:30am]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

I took Pete to the Riviera Country Club for brunch...

We looked cute together.

All of Mother & Daddy's friends kept coming up to us, and they kept asking questions curiously.
Focheesy! Gossip I tell ya!
Those old hags gossip 24/7!
It certainly gave them something INTERESTING to talk about.

Afterwards Pete took me shopping!
He bought me a hella load of stuff!
Hee! He knows how to pamper me! *Blushes*

I am thinking of Peter & his eyes right now.
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[05 Jan 2003|06:20am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Whoa... Ok. Last night I met with nick_stahl
We went to this club called, Forty Duece, hoppin' place, cool atmosphere
God he can dance!
And kiss! *Smirks*
Im still spinnen around from last night!
Every minute, I was dripping in pure fun.

But Peter....
I dont think this qualifies as cheating on him
Is he even really intersted or serious 'bout me?

Hell, I dont know.
I like Pete though...
He is such a sweetie.

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[04 Jan 2003|02:01pm]
[ mood | crushed ]


*Is in a total state of shock...*

Erick left me too!

So much has happened since I was gone...
*Bawls* Ima miss you boiz!!

*Cries a river for her boiz

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[04 Jan 2003|01:42pm]
[ mood | Special ]


Im back!
Came back from the Riviera & Ive got a supa hott tan & PRESENTZ!

*Whimpers* But I've also come back to find that my boi Nick is gone...
Its gonna be lonely without you mah lost lil' puppy!

Things between Pete and me have been cool...
He calls me often, and I look forward to those calls *Grins foolishly*
Am I actually fallin'?
Its a weird feeling ya knowz!
*Sigh* I think Im growing up!

Grr! I am so envious of J.Lo!
Shes got Ben! Grrrr!
Ok... That was totally random!

.::spoil me gud, cuz ive been a bad kitty::.

[19 Dec 2002|05:12pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Just to give ya a heads up...

Ima be vacationing at our vacation house at Cote d'Azur. Ima be there for a while, sun-bathing, checking out the Mediterranean huneys *lol*, & boating. But the sucky thing is, Paris is bringing Mike... *merf*

*Bawls* I neeed a partying partneeer!!!!! Who am I gonna take on such a short notice???? OOh, I'll call Renee! Fun, fun!

Well, this is going to be short! Im not going to update for a long time, though when I can get my hands on a computer, then I'll update...
Anyways, MERRY XMAS ALL! Your ultra cool xmas presents are coming when I get back! *Muhaha!*

Well I luv ya! MY flight doesnt leave till 8:30 AM tomorrow, so I think I'll update one last time before I'm gone!
*Mwah, Mwah!*
Luvz ya!

.::spoil me gud, cuz ive been a bad kitty::.

Relationship Blues [19 Dec 2002|06:43am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Last night was quiet...

I had a small & intimate dinner at my penthouse in New York.. Had over a bunch of my friends & Paris + her new 'boyfriend,' Mike. (And no I didnt get freaky with this boyfriend of hers!)

He was pretty cute, and she actually seemed to like him... Which sort of sent me off into this depression... The longest we Hilton gurls have ever kept a man for, was a week!! They've been together for 2!

That bothers me a litte. I guess I feel as if the world is leaving me behind. All my friends have been in relationships; Meaningful relationships. Shit, I dont even know what that means.

Paris actually looked like she was interested in Mike for something other than sex. It puzzled me. It seemed like she actually felt..... Love

After dinner, Renee took me out for coffee & smokes, cause she sort of sensed something was wrong. I guess I wasnt my usual self-centered-self at the dinner table that night.. We went to this quaint little coffee shop nearby & I ran into an interesting guy called peter_p
He was cute! I sorta ditched Renee & my blues and I went over to him & asked him out. (We have a date tonight. *Blushes*) Renee was hella surprised, cause she said he really isnt my type. She said I was acting on account of my blues.

What does she mean by that? What IS my type then? *Sigh*

God, someone needs prozac right here!

On the bright side, I've found Peter. He is really cute and intersting. *smiles*
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Too Traumatizing [18 Dec 2002|04:10am]
[ mood | nauseated ]

Am in sort of a haze...
Im both disgusted & weirded out by the situations that I get myself into..

Yesterday my mom & I were at my Aunt's for high tea. I was politely chatting with my 13 year old cousin, Carly, when she suddenly got her period. FOR THE 1st TIME! *Gaah Is extremely grossed out, just thinking bout it*

Anyways, my CRUEL Mother & Aunt had asked me to help her out and have a girl talk with her.

Do you even dare to read on? Be PreparedCollapse )

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OCC [17 Dec 2002|02:04pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


I just wanted to tell ya... OCC, my name's leila (but most people call me lei).
Im 16 & Im from cali.

Well so yeah, just htouht you'd wanna know that about me...

My friend, Mike, made a website that had a whole bunch of picz of some of our friends...
Might be interesting if ya got nothing to do...
The picz have amusing captions! Hehe!
There ya go:
Maybe you could leave a comment for any one of us... Maybe sign the guestbook... I dunno!
-Love, Lei]]

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[16 Dec 2002|11:12pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]


Sunday was kinda a blur... I pulled another all-nighter. I Partied sooo hard & I partied loud. YEAH!

I started out at around 8pm with my friends Renee & Holly. Renee left the party when I was sober, with some fine guy... Holly & I were left to get drunk... I think the whole club we went to, had one big giant orgy. *Eep!* -My memories too blurred to recall.

Monday morning I awoke, TOTALLY TRASHED. The machine was blinking. 26 messeges! I felt SOOO loved! Most of them were from people (guys) that claimed that they had a FUN time with me, mentioning ALL the weired & kinky stuff, that I could swear I never did.

How they got my number I dunno? I was too drunk on Sunday, that I cant remember shiznit today.

*Sigh* Fun Times, Fun Times... But I need to be loved for me, & not my party-self.....

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Introducing... [15 Dec 2002|11:34pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Im Nicky Hilton... THE Hilton Heiress. (Yeah my dad owns the Hilton Hotels)

Anyways, Im a lil' social butterfly, I model, and I sometimes act... I even own my own line of handbags. But one things for sure: I CANT GET DOWN & PART-EY. Heh, if yall ever want to party, I know all the right spots.

I dont really know if you would like me (or my sister for that matter). People dont really appeciate the 'Hilton' Essence & our impecable sense of style. *Hmph* People say that we cause a 'riot' because we are attention starved & because we like to be in the limelight? *Rolls her eyes* That is just proposterous.

Thats pretty much what Im about. Im a diva & a fashionista, a party hard gurl..

Well im going to go now... Toodles!
Hugz & Kisses! *Mwah!*

Just another Night in the Life of Nicky Hilton (pics)

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[15 Dec 2002|05:23pm]
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